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Scholarship Program


FOCUS will award four to five scholarships to public or home-school seniors who live in Harris County. The scholarships will be for accredited four-year or technical colleges in the states of Georgia or Alabama. A combination of need, community service and academic ability will be used in determining scholarship fund winners. This application can be picked up at Harris County High School or the FOCUS office or downloaded from It must be completed and emailed to Mr. Bill Searcey at or mailed to the FOCUS Scholarship Committee, P.O. Box 524, Hamilton, GA 31811 no later than Friday, March 9, 2018.
Please attach the following to the application:
a) Personal cover letter addressed to the FOCUS Scholarship Committee.
b) Acceptance letter(s) to confirm acceptance to Georgia or Alabama college(s) or technical school(s).
c) High school transcript (GPA at least 3.0).
d) Two letters of recommendation—one from the high school and one from a community member.
e) A typed 250- word essay on one of the topics listed in this application.
Please type or print.
Applicant’s Full Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
Date: ______________________________ Age: ____________
Applicant’s Street/City/State/Zip and mailing address, if different:
Phone: (H) ______________________ (C) ___________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________
Your planned major: ____________________________________________________________
What are your career plans following graduation? ____________________________________
List the name and the amount of any other scholarships/awards/grants that you have applied for and/or received:
List any high school activities/ organizations/ awards and/or employment:
List the names of the organizations, type of service you volunteered, and the number of hours for each that you have been involved in during your high school years: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent(s) Name: ________________________________________________________________
Parent(s) Address: ______________________________________________________________
Family Gross Income: ___under $50,000 ___$50,000-$100,000 ___over $100,000
Number of family members in household:____
Other factors which influence financial need:_________________________________________
List others in your family (if any) who are currently in undergraduate education:
On a separate sheet of paper (typed, please), write an essay of at least 250 words by choosing one of the topics listed below.
1. Describe the mission of FOCUS (Fellowship of Christians United in Service) and its importance to the Harris County community in your opinion.
2. Imagine yourself 10 years from today, and describe your involvement as a servant-leader in your community (city, state, national or world).
3. Describe how you have demonstrated servant leadership both in and out of school during your high school years.
I certify that all information reported on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Applicant’s signature: _______________________________________ Date: _____________
Parent’s signature: _________________________________________ Date: _____________
You may also be asked to appear in person for an interview and tour of the FOCUS building.
All applicants will receive a letter concerning their applications no later than May 14, 2018.