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Santa’s Workshop

Helping children share the joy of giving…

Just before Christmas, we turn the FOCUS office into Santa’s Workshop, a place where area children ages 3 to 18 can come in and shop for gifts for their family and friends. Gifts are priced from $.25 to $5. The children are met at the door by their own personal shopper or Elf. Each Elf helps the children pick out gifts and stick to their budget.

When the children are finished picking our their treasures they move on to the gift-wrap department. Our gift wrapping elves help them wrap and label gifts so they can surprise their loved ones with their hand-picked gifts.

Hot chocolate and refreshments are available during the event.

Our volunteers love this event because the children’s joy is contagious!

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer, or if you can donate Christmas gift bags, tissue paper, or new gift items for Santa’s Workshop!

(We ask that parents remain at the door while our Elves supervise their child’s shopping experience. Parents may not drop off children and return later, you must remain on site.)