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Home Repair Ministry

The purpose of the home repair ministry is to provide assistance for the needy in Harris County who are unable to pay for or do repairs on their own homes. FOCUS may purchase all building materials required for repairs and the home owners pay for the needed work. We do not remodel homes and our goal is to keep residents safe, secure, and in a dry environment.

Applicants may call FOCUS and a home repair application is completed for each request. Home owners with limited income from Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or disability are normally approved. The home owner is required to have paid their Harris County property taxes.

Some examples of home repair work that FOCUS will consider are building handicap ramps, window replacements, roof repairs, some bathroom repairs, and other small carpentry or plumbing projects. Organizations that work with FOCUS to complete repairs include the Harris County Hands for Christ, Front Porch Gang, Harris County Rotary Club, the Cornerstone Baptist Church, and the Mountain Hill Baptist Church.

If you own your home, need repairs, and can provide for the cost of labor, please contact FOCUS for more information or complete our Home Repair Application and mail it to the address provided on the form.