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October 2017 Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter

October 2017

A Message From Executive Director Bill Searcey

Pictured here are some of the thousands of articles purchased and donated that are stored in the FOCUS warehouse for victims of the recent hurricanes. If not already enroute they will be on the way soon to Ocala, Florida so the goods can be distributed to some of those who have been devastated by these storms.

The FOCUS supporters are extraordinarily generous donating kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, and even articles to be used outside if the homes are destroyed and uninhabitable.

The FOCUS Board and staff also made the decision to donate the entire summer clothing inventory to this effort. These are donated every year to a mission so in addition to hundreds of packages of recovery goods there will be literally thousands of clothing items that are being used for this effort.

This effort is being spearheaded by the FOCUS Thrift Shop manager, Sherrie Mundy, who has spent countless hours, organizing the volunteers and even purchasing and transporting the goods to the warehouse. Additionally, since she is a lady of many talents, she will even be driving the truck to Ocala. This would not have happened except for her work.

Acknowledging that we are a small ministry, we still take our marching orders from Scripture very seriously. And these are clearly stated in the 25th chapter of Matthew, where Jesus says, “truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me”. Just because we are a few hundred miles away makes no difference. Right now these people are the least of our brothers so we will help to the best of our ability.

“Little is much where God is in it”

News from the Office

In September, FOCUS Emergency Services helped a total of 95 clients. This included the distribution of 311 bags of food to 184 individuals in 92 families; 17 of those families included children. Also, included in these figures are 84 bags of food for 31 “Shut-ins” with food supplied by FOCUS and delivery by the Rotary Club of Hamilton.

Report From Home Repairs

We are always looking for home repair projects to help those in need and those who cannot make the repairs for themselves. Please call FOCUS and Dick Weaver will contact you to see what and we can make your repairs.

News from the Thrift Shop

As Bill has told you in his message, the Thrift Shop summer inventory has been donated to the hurricane relief efforts that are ongoing in our country. What a privilege it is to help the people affected by these disasters.

We are currently restocking and will be closed until the week of October 10.
Last month I provided pictures of our mother daughter volunteers. Here is how I feel about each of them.

Joyce works in the sorting area every week. Michelle lives in Maryland, but visits on a regular basis. She plans her visits to Georgia to come and have fun at FOCUS.

Liz and Margaret have been faithful volunteer for over 13 years. They are a great team and bring lots of laughter and fun when they cashier at FOCUS over 13 years

Malin and Emily are our newest mother-daughter team, but what a team! They come in several times a week to tidy their area and make sure it stays stocked

There are no words to describe the Sherrie and Beth team except crazy!

Mr. Charles Sweat,Chairman
Ms. Rhonda Howard, Chair-Elect
Ms. Janice Owens, Corporate Secretary
Ms. Sally Cobb, Treasurer
Mr. Bill Scranton, Past Chair
Ms. LaChandra Brundage
Ms. Faye Garrett
Mr. Willie Greene
Mr. Jayson Johnston
Honorable Judge Gil McBride
Ms. Julie Nordin
Ms. Judy Westbrook
Mr. Anthony Burns
Ms. Martha Hartley
Honorable Judge Thomas Lakes

Executive Director Mr. Bill Searcey
Chaplain Mr. Garvin Gourie

Ms. Sherrie Mundy, Thrift Shop
Mrs. Sarah Culpepper, Emergency Services
Ms. Julie Nordin, Food Pantry
Mr. Dick Weaver, Home Repair

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