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August 2017 Newsletter

August 2017 Newsletter

August 2017

A Message From Executive Director Bill Searcey

In working with various groups of people, most of whom are lower income, there is particular satisfaction from working with those who are older, especially those having mobility issues. Some, simply because they are elderly, have issues with access to their homes. And there are some with medical issues and issues of health who can no longer navigate the steps into their homes. Some have partial paralysis and some have amputations, but all need a wooden ramp to be able to live a more normal life.

The pictures show a group of volunteers who spent 3 days working on the most recent handicapped ramp. There is nothing as rewarding as seeing a wheelchair bound resident able to access their home via a well constructed handicapped ramp. We, of course, cannot operate this ministry without our devoted volunteers. They delight in helping with these construction projects and many have helped to pay for the materials.

It is heartwarming to see the results of something as simple as a ramp to their house. One lady said she had not been in her yard in two years and she was overjoyed with the completed ramp. FOCUS has built ramps and constructed hand rails for years and evidence of those ramps is all over Harris County.

In the past two years we have erected ramps in Ellerslie, Cataula, Fortson, Pine Mountain Valley, Shiloh, Waverly Hall and West Point. One very memorable project was for a young mother who had had an auto accident and was constrained to a wheel chair, possibly forever. The only way she could access her home was to sit on her steps and just bump herself up or down, which was a painful and arduous process.

We built a 40 foot long wheelchair ramp for her and to see her come sailing down this ramp was a wonderful thing to behold.

We are able to build these ramps only because of the gifts of our faithful donors and the work of our volunteers. Every person working on these ramps, and they are a lot of work, does the work because they sincerely love Jesus Christ and they express it through working with their brothers and sisters in need. There is nothing better!

FOCUS Family Condolences

We extend our prayers and condolences to Stephanie Cullison (volunteer in thrift shop) and Juliette Hallman (volunteer in Emergency Services) who both recently lost their husband.

News from the Office

In July, FOCUS Emergency Services helped a total of 94 clients. This included the distribution of 314 bags of food to 165 individuals in 83 families; 26 of those families included children. Also, included in these figures are 90 bags of food for 34 “Shut-ins” with food supplied by FOCUS and delivered by the Rotary Club of Hamilton.

Report From Home Repairs

In July, FOCUS assisted an elderly home owner in Pine Mountain by repairing walls and a ceiling.

Bill Searcey completed a handicap ramp for an elderly home owner at Pine Lake.

News from the Thrift Shop

As school opens , come visit us and see if we can provide any of your needs for this year.

We are open to serve you Thursday and Friday, 10 AM until 3 PM. We are open on Saturday from 10 AM until 1 PM.

Mr. Charles Sweat,Chairman
Ms. Rhonda Howard, Chair-Elect
Ms. Janice Owens, Corporate Secretary
Ms. Sally Cobb, Treasurer
Mr. Bill Scranton, Past Chair
Ms. LaChandra Brundage
Ms. Faye Garrett
Mr. Willie Greene
Mr. Jayson Johnston
Honorable Judge Gil McBride
Ms. Julie Nordin
Ms. Judy Westbrook
Mr. Anthony Burns
Ms. Martha Hartley
Honorable Judge Thomas Lakes

Executive Director Mr. Bill Searcey
Chaplain Mr. Garvin Gourie

Ms. Sherrie Mundy, Thrift Shop
Mrs. Sarah Culpepper, Emergency Services
Ms. Julie Nordin, Food Pantry
Mr. Dick Weaver, Home Repair

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