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June Newsletter

June Newsletter

June 2017

A Message From Executive Director Bill Searcey

FOCUS increasingly sponsors programs for the benefit of children. We are involved with tutoring to give a child a little extra help with a particular subject in the classroom. We also have a number of volunteers who give an understanding ear and heart to a child with a different kind of need.

These types of programs are very important and the need for them should never be understated. But there is another endeavor that is just as important in the life of a child as their academic studies and social interaction. And that is spiritual matters. And, yes, we can talk about these things in the public school environment.

We sponsor a club at Park Elementary School, “Cubs for Christ“, which serves this purpose. The club meets once per month, after school, and involves a number of volunteers presenting a program of music, games, crafts, and a short time of instruction about the Bible. Coordinating this program for FOCUS is Rhonda Howard, assisted by a number of volunteers, such as Rev. Jeff Jackson, Mary Ellen Taylor, and Royce Railey of Go Fish Ministries.

Children, in addition to having a lot of fun, are taught simple lessons in the matter of faith. As evidence of this, the accompanying photograph shows children washing each other’s feet. In this day and time what better example could be given than the example of a servant (even a child) humbly washing another child’s feet. Imagine the good that could be accomplished in this world if only we adults would have this same attitude of humility.

News from the Office

In June FOCUS Emergency Services helped a total of 89 clients. This included the distribution of 289 bags of food to 175 individuals in 84 families; 25 of those families included children. Also, included in these figures are 69 bags of food for 25 “Shut-ins” with food supplied by FOCUS and delivery by the Rotary Club of Hamilton.

Report From Home Repairs

The Harris County Rotary Club is planning on 2 handicap ramp projects for FOCUS in June, one new ramp for homeowners near Pine Lake, and repairs to the porch on with a second ramp in Pine Mountain.

News from the Thrift Shop

How We Are Helping

FOCUS donated material and decorations to “The Village to Village Foundation”. It is an organization that has a two fold mission: First, to honor military heroes who have died for their country and second to generate funds and resources to help surviving veterans and their families cope with combat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Also this month we donated items to Franklin D. Roosevelt Park for the activities program for children.

Please contact us if you are involved with an organization participating in special activities such as Bible school activities. Sometimes we have articles and resources that will help your program.

Some unique items we now have in the Thrift Shop are shown below:

A 12 inch bandsaw for a woodworker ($85.00)

A 300 gallon propane tank (you will have to move) ($225.00)

A Invacare “Pronto” powered wheel chair (retails for over $3000.00) Our price $500.00.

We are always receiving different and unusual items so come by and see what we have….