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September 2016 Newsletter

A Message From Executive Director Bill Searcey

As the Director of FOCUS, I frequently speak to groups about our ministry and always in the first two or three sentences the word “volunteer” comes up.

We have some 80-85 men and women who offer their skills, time, and physical labor for FOCUS. They are mostly female (we can use you men). The ages range from 16 to 86 and many of the older volunteers have been with us for many years. It is no secret that, without these volunteers, there would be no FOCUS.

They are the heart and soul of the ministry and their jobs are many. They are tasked with sorting thousands of articles of clothing, rebagging and reboxing some for storage, and preparing some to go on to other ministries. Some donations must be cleaned and some repaired. Clothing must be separated, sized and priced. Food must be loaded, unloaded, put on shelves, and bagged for our clients. Our clients must be interviewed and arrangements made for assistance. We even have one volunteer who cleans the offices every week and saves us $100.00 per month.

There are so many more examples. So, to you who volunteer, thank you, and to those who may be thinking about it, we can use you. So call us and see how you can serve Christ through serving at FOCUS.

News from the Thrift Shop

A Message from the Thrift Shop Manager – Sherrie Mundy
Everybody has been wondering…………..BAG SALE, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1st – ONE DAY ONLY
10AM until 1PM
New items will be placed in the shop every 30 minutes!!!
Ya’ll know the drill – everything you can get in the bag for $7.00!

Shoe Drive Through the End of September!!

You are invited to participate in the shoe collection drive through the end of September to raise funds for FOCUS. Donations of gently worn used and new shoes will be accepted. The amount of money raised is determined by the number of shoes collected. The donated shoes will be sold in the Thrift Shop or redistributed to developing nations for impoverished people to start their own businesses.

Continuing the Shoe Drive
We have been collecting shoes for the entire year. To date, our efforts have resulted in $2100.00 paid directly to FOCUS. Our problem has been storage of the shoes. If you know of anyone we can contact who may have an outdoor storage shed or building we can use throughout the year, please contact Sherrie Mundy at (706) 628-9955.

Big Thanks!

If I haven’t told you lately, THANK YOU to all the volunteers who spend countless hours working in the Thrift Shop. I want to also say THANK YOU to all the people who donate to FOCUS and keep our volunteers busy, busy, busy!
And speaking of volunteers, we know there are many people who have expressed the desire to volunteer. Because you asked for it, we will begin working in the Thrift Shop sorting, restocking, etc. on MONDAY nights from 5:00PM until 7:00PM OCTOBER 3RD. I hope to see lots of you then!!!

August Report from Emergency Services
Number of Clients Ministered to this month: 108
This number includes the distribution of 343 bags of food to 212 individuals representing 93 families with 35 of those families with children.

Mountain Hill Baptist Kids have peanut butter & jelly food drive for FOCUS

FOCUS’ Next Board Meeting

The next FOCUS Board meeting will be Thursday, October 20, at 6 p.m. at the Harris County Community Center.

FOCUS partners with Rotary Club to deliver food to homebound in Harris County. At this time food is being deliver to 18 homebound residents in Harris County. Several of our clients their 90’s and are very grateful for this ministry.