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January 2016 Newsletter

January 2016 Newsletter

A Message From Executive Director, Bill Searcey

The FOCUS ministry is based largely on scripture from the book of Matthew, 25th chapter, that relates to us (Christians), as we minister to Christ by helping our neighbors. That scripture emphasizes the importance of this to Christ, Himself. And sometimes He makes it inexplicably easy for us to do this. An example of this occurred during Christmas week.

On December 22 we received a call from someone asking if we would accept the donation of a working refrigerator. We usually do not accept donations like this because of space limitations, but for some reason we said, yes, we could accept it. On December 23rd one of our past clients came by FOCUS. She had experienced a huge run of troubles and woes. She had battled cancer, lost her job, her heating system had broken down, etc. And that morning her refrigerator had quit working.

So that morning she could hardly believe that we had a refrigerator that we could give her. So on Christmas Eve we arranged a delivery of the refrigerator at FOCUS and at the same time a transfer to her.

Some might say, “that’s just a coincidence”, but we know better. To some this would be a small thing but to this lady it was a very big thing. Sometimes the Lord does His best work in the small mundane things of our lives.

“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”.
Next Board Meeting

The next FOCUS Board Meeting will be February 18, 6pm at the Harris County Community Recreational Center. This will be our ANNUAL MEETING.

How We’re Helping
In December the FOCUS office helped 60 clients. In addition, we distributed 195 bags of food to 41 families, which totaled 110 individuals and 11 families with children.

In December FOCUS assisted the Cornerstone Baptist Church’s Carpenter’s Workshop by reimbursing them for the materials needed to build a handicap ramp for a homeowner with multiple sclerosis in Cataula.

For 2015, FOCUS distributed 6006 bags of food (including our Thanksgiving program) to 1143 families, which totaled 2907 individuals and 445 families with children. We assisted with 13 home repairs, including 2 completed by the Cornerstone Baptist Church’s Carpenter’s Workshop, 1 by the Harris County Rotary Club, and 1 by the Mountain Hill Baptist Church.

A Note from Thrift Shop Manager, Sherrie Mundy

Thank you… 2 small words with so much meaning!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the supporters of FOCUS for all they have done to once again help the Thrift Shop exceed our projected budget. Without the generous support of the many volunteers, donors, and the community, this goal would not have become a reality.

We are so fortunate and blessed to live in a community that constantly shows a deep understanding and commitment for the work that is done each and every day at this organization. Your support has allowed us to grow the Thrift Shop and the programs offered by FOCUS, which helps our community thrive.

A multitude of thanks (I wish I could name each person!) to everyone.

Keep up the good work!!!!

Thank you!

The students at Creekside School collected hats, scarves, mittens and socks for FOCUS clients. We truly appreciate their efforts!